Director of Compliance – Anchorage Administration – Anchorage, AK – Full-Time – Exempt

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This position serves as Akeela’s Privacy Officer and is also responsible for development, direction, management, and evaluation of the compliance program. In addition, this position administers, maintains and implements procedures and policies to manage the risk of non-compliance and to deter and detect fraud. The Director of Compliance verifies that Akeela’s departments are in compliance with organizational policies and procedures, and that the company is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, the Director of Compliance serves as the Record Custodian for clinical records and is responsible for the timely and appropriate dissemination of clinical information pursuant to court orders and/or releases of information.

The Director of Compliance must be able to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

  • Demonstrates solid decision-making skills.
  • Utilizes good judgment on a consistent basis.
  • Conducts a variety of statistical analyses that can be developed into management reports for the program managers, Clinical Directors, and other administrative staff including the CAO and CEO, and through the CEO, the board of directors.
  • Provides leadership in the interpretation of Federal, State, and Local regulations and Joint Commission (JC) accreditation requirements to which Akeela must adhere.
  • Maintains a current, up-to-date understanding of Federal, State, and Local regulations and JC accreditation requirements to which Akeela must adhere.
  • Develops forms, templates and tools for use by all divisions of the company to provide plans of correction in response to accreditation/audit reports by Akeela or Federal, State, Local or accrediting organizations.
  • Assesses Akeela’s performance improvement readiness, capacity, and effectiveness.
  • Provides quality management required information to the process of strategic planning.
  • Demonstrates the ability to write and maintain policies and procedures.
    • Understands the principles that must be utilized to effectively utilize the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) quality management method.
    • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of risk management.
    • Exhibits the ability to perform thorough audits.
    • Understands the content that policies and procedures must contain to assure quality management with Federal, State, and Local regulations and Joint Commission accreditation requirements.
    • Understanding the requirements to which Akeela must adhere as outlined in Federal, State, and Local regulations and Joint Commission accreditation requirements and all funding sources.
    • Understanding the need for and maintain a calendar of all relevant reporting dates identified by Federal, State, and Local government agencies, Joint Commission and all other funding entities.
  • This position must demonstrate the ability to interpret, train, and implement Akeela’s policies and procedures, as well as Federal, State, and Local regulations and JC accreditation requirements, in a manner that is understandable and consistent, but free of personal preferences, aimed at the professional competency of each staff member.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with all administrative, supervisory, and line staff to enhance program development, quality management, compliance, and continuous improvement.
  • Ability to apply the PDCA methodology to Akeela’s policies and procedures for continuous improvement of Akeela processes and programs and to meet the myriad of regulations to which Akeela programs must adhere including, but not limited to, Federal, State, and Local regulations and Joint Commission accreditation requirements.
  • Assist all Akeela departments to prepare programs for an on-site review by providing lists of requirements as provided by the reviewing entity and by meeting with the departments to answer questions and support the department leadership in reviewing readiness.
  • Maintain all professional work with appropriate confidentiality in order to protect clients and staff.
  • Motivate individuals and departmental teams to achieve compliance goals.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking.
  • Generate, share, and accept new and different ideas and incorporate them into practice, as applicable.
  • Apply effective problem-solving processes and methods.
  • Respond with flexibility to changing needs.
  • Balance multiple tasks.
  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • Responsible for attached list of functional tasks.
  • Conduct all work with minimal day to day supervision and with the authority to seek professional assistance from outside sources as necessary.

Qualifications and Requirements:

(Any equivalent Combination of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education, and Experience)

  • Education: Bachelor Degree required. Masters Degree in a behavioral health service area, Healthcare Administration, or a Certified Professional in Healthcare Compliance preferred.
  • Experience: Requires three years of progressive management experience in a behavioral health setting.  Experience in designing, implementing, and leading clinical outcome improvement programs desirable. Previous experience in Joint Commission (JC), CARF, Medicaid or other similar survey coordination at facility/program level preferred.
  • Licensure/Certification: Current Alaska license in related behavioral healthcare field desired. Certified Healthcare Compliance certification is required or ability to obtain such certification within one (1) year of hire is acceptable.
  • Ability to use Excel, Word, and other Microsoft applications and to use statistical applications to develop relevant and needed reports.