Client Monitor(s) – Residential SUD Residential Programs – Anchorage, AK – Full-Time, Part-Time & On-Call – $20.00hr Non-Exempt

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Position Summary:

The Client Monitor provides supervision and rational authority for the facility and clients during evenings, weekends, and holidays.  This position ensures the safety and security of the facility and its clients by conducting regular checks of the grounds.

Core Competencies:

The Client Monitor must be able to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

Attention to detail.

Dealing with change.


Interpersonal skills.

Time management/prioritization.


Perform facility bed checks and record the results on a nightly run sheet, confirming the client’s presence.

File paperwork assigned by the Counselors and Program Manager in the client chart each shift.

Documents all client services using Akeela’s designated ‘Electronic Health Record’ (ERH) and maintains accurate and timely client records in accordance with Akeela policy.

Perform scheduled med calls and review the accuracy of those events.

Inventory contents of the Medications Cabinet and compile a list of those items that need to be ordered as directed to do so by the Program Manager or Designee and keep medication area organized.   

Conduct timely quality checks of the clients and facility and document any significant actions during assigned shift in the communication log.

Report significant events to the appropriate leadership members per policy.

Check Akeela email and read the facility communication log at the beginning of each shift.

Collect Urinalysis (UA) samples as directed by clinical staff and record results appropriately.

Conduct fire and earthquake drills as directed by program manager or designee, document the results, and submit to the floor counselor.

Provide additional assistance to program manager, floor counselor, and other clinical staff.

To maintain confidentiality as required by Akeela policies.

Ability to maintain professional boundaries with clients. 

Ability to work independently.

Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements:

High School Diploma or graduate equivalent diploma (G.E.D.).