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Corporate Overview
Akeela Development Corporation (ADC) is a not-for-profit title holding corporation [501(c)(2)] affiliate of Akeela Inc. Our primary function is to provide and maintain the facilities which Akeela Inc requires for the provision of their clinical services and business operations. Revenues are primarily generated through property leases. The amount of annual revenues in excess of operational expenses and reserves is donated to Akeela Inc. Currently ADC has approximately $11 mil in property under management and expects to increase that amount significantly in the near future. We are also involved in numerous health policy, research, and program development efforts.

Business Model/Practice
Our business model seeks to maximize access to both commercial and public financing by leveraging one against the other. Our ability to use current assets to secure and collateralize corporate financing makes us attractive to public finance while access to public financing provides an added source of comfort and security for the corporate lenders. While this hybrid private/public model compels us to compete in the commercial debt market, we are not faced with the same internal expectations vis-à-vis returns on investment as are private developers. Expectations for ROI are generally measured by whether the facility serves its intended purpose well, our ability to meet debt service, and maintaining R&R reserves at acceptable levels.