Ketchikan Gateway

Akeela / Ketchikan Gateway

Akeela provides a variety of programs to help individuals and families in Ketchikan and the Southern Southeast Alaska region through its Ketchikan facilities.

Early Intervention
Akeela/Gateway Center for Human Services provides individuals assessed at ASAM 0.5 referral to appropriate services and includes ASAP (Alaska Safety Action Program) referrals to ADIS (Alcohol and Drug Information School). Akeela/Gateway staff provide the monitoring of progress through regular “compliance status updates” to Akeela’s Kenai based ASAP. (ADIS is not provided at this location, only referral to accepted ASAP program supports.)

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment
Akeela/Gateway Center for Human Services provides one-on-one support of an SUD Counselor and a variety of groups for individuals assessed at ASAM Level of Care 1.0 (Outpatient Treatment) to 2.1 (Intensive Outpatient Treatment). Upon completion of both level of care, graduates will have developed a working Relapse Prevention Plan to support successful ongoing recovery.

Residential Program – KAR House
KAR House (a 15 bed, co-ed facility) supports individuals who have been assessed at ASAM Level of Care 3.5, consisting of long-term treatment based on the progress of each resident, utilizing a modified Therapeutic Community (TC) modality of therapy and treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Akeela/Gateway Behavioral Health Clinic
Akeela/Gateway Center for Human Services serves as the region’s full-service Community Mental Health Clinic for the rural, Southern Southeast region of Alaska. Services include, but are not limited to, adult and couples’ therapy, individual and group therapy, and rehabilitation services provided by a staff of master’s MH clinicians, SUD counselors, Clinical Associates, and Peer Support Specialists.

Akeela/Gateway Psychiatric Emergency Services
On-Call Clinicians are available 24/7 for individuals of all ages who present to the PeaceHealth Emergency Room experiencing behavioral health emergencies warranting evaluation and possible linkage to a higher level of care.

Transitional Housing
Akeela/Gateway Center for Human Services supports two transitional housing opportunities for individuals transitioning in recovery from completion of residential treatment at KAR House, offering a 4-bedroom apartment for females (Horizon House) and a 2-bedroom apartment for males (The Garage). Transitional Housing is available by application only upon approval following a review by the applicant’s treatment team. The goal of Transitional Housing is to provide sober housing for adults pending their identifying permanent housing, employment, and community supports throughout recovery.